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About Natalia
Your Personal Shopper in Rome

Natalia, a native Italian, worked for many years as a flight attendant for a major airline company and has always had a passion for...SHOPPING. And thanks to her career, it has always been international shopping.

She has covered the 4 corners of the earth and spent time visiting and shopping in some of the world's most unique cities. The thing she loves most is discovering the less touristy areas of a new city, areas only known to locals and hunting for bargains.

From the time she stopped working, she began focusing on the city where she lives, Rome, Italy. She enrolled in an arts academy to further develop her artistic side and was finally able to dedicate time to her two passions: art and shopping.

Natalia has studied the history of art for years and can show you the hidden treasures of Rome better than any guide. She knows Rome inside and out and has put together a select list of the best shopping in Rome, from small boutiques to outlet malls, from clothing to jewelry to antiques.

Natalia speaks excellent English and enjoys showing guests her city.

Please note: Although Natalia enjoys a special relationship as frequent customers of some of the shops in Rome, she earns no commission on the articles her clients purchase.


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