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Accessories, Watches & Jewelry

Whether you're looking for fine jewelry or precious stones, artistic designs or unique handmade pieces, Rome will not disappoint you.

From funky boutiques in Trastevere, to handmade designs to the likes of Bulgari and Damiani, the possibilities are endless.

We'll introduce you to an Oriental princess whose creations are unique and unusual, mixing her culture and traditions with her new Italian lifestyle, or rather her Roman lifestyle. She is as passionate about Roman history as she is about her creations.

Gold Griffe
We would also like to introduce you to the “passione esclusiva” of Gold Griffe Gioielllerie, a new generation of jewellry shops. Its name captures the spirit of the brand: inspired by the colors and trends of the catwalk, while maintaining a precious nature associated with fine jewelry. The brands introduced by Gold Griffe represent fashion. The designers play on forms and colors, because necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings should not be hidden away in a safe, but worn every day.

Gold Griffe presents exclusive jewelry in boutiques in Rome.

Watches - new and old
If you're shopping for a new watch in Rome, you'll find a wide range of choices. Many of Italy's most famous designers also sell watches, such as Gucci, Armani and Roberto Cavalli. There are many unique styles and we know where to find them.

If vintage or antique watches are on your list, we'll take you to some of the finest shops where you'll find wristwatches, pocket watches and clocks.

A beautiful silk scarf or a cashmere pashmina, we'll find just the right color and style to go with your new wardrobe. Scarves add just the right touch and we'll take you shopping at some of Rome's best boutiques for accessories.

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