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Cooking Lessons & Food/Wine Tours:

Cooking lessons
You can choose between cooking classes in Rome with “chef” Dana or combine then with a day in the country, in the land known since ancient times for its olive oil: la Sabina. All dishes will be prepared according to time tested recipes, enhanced by extra virgin olive oil. “Chef” Anna will teach you to make olive bread along with 14 additional antipasti, all in a traditional wood burning stove. You'll also learn to prepare three types of fresh pasta such as fettuccine, ravioli and stringozzi as well as three types of sauces.

Food & Wine/Cultural Tours
Our food & wine/cultural tours combine a visit to the sights with a sampling of some of the area's wines or a stroll through some of the most well known local produce markets where the colors and aromas will stimulate your senses. You'll get a taste of the best ice cream (gelato) and we'll introduce you to what is possibly Rome’s best gourmet store…” (New York Times – Sophisticated Traveler). We can enjoy an espresso while admiring the wonderful “Fontana dei 4 Fiumi” by Bernini seated in a comfortable caffè in Piazza Navona. After a walk among the ruins of Teatro di Marcello, built by Augustus for his sister Ottavia in 23 b.c., we can stop in for a “crispy carciofo alla Giudia” or sip a limoncello while under the spell of the Colosseum. Contact us for more information on food and wine tours in Rome.

Art Lessons

Under the guide of experts and masters of the arts, Marzia and Sefania, you'll learn a variety of techniques. From Tromp L'oeil, to stencil, from faux marble to gold leaf gilding to shabby.

You will marvel at what you will be able to learn in such a short amount of time. And below is an example of what "inexpert" hands can create. Contact us for more information on art lessons in Rome.

Make-up Lessons With an Image Consultant

How many times have you marveled at how the right make-up can change a person and from one moment to the next create a new look full of glamour and elegance. Under the guide of expert hands of make-up artists you can learn to enhance your natural beauty and create a special look.

After having studied your facial features and chosen the right colors, the image consultant will apply make-up to just one side of your face, and with their help you will apply it to the other. A proven method that will help you duplicate the effect.

You will have the choice of several types of make-up:

  • "light" make-up suitable for everyday as well as the office,
  • make-up for a cocktail party,
  • make-up for a special evening,
  • application of false eyelashes.

See also Health and Beauty as part of our shopping tours in Rome.

V.I.P. Service

If you prefer, we can arrange the make-up lessons in the privacy of your hotel or other location of your choice.

Contact us for more information on make-up lessons during your trip to Rome.



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