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Leather Goods & Sports

Shopping for Leather in Rome

Leather Jackets & Outerwear
A handmade leather jacket from Italy. You'll enjoy it for years to come. We know the best shops and artisans working with leather in Rome.

Beautiful leather jackets, coats, pants or skirts can be made to measure in just 3 days time. These handmade items are made of the finest, softest leather in a range of colors and styles. And the prices are excellent!

Leather Handbags, Briefcases and Luggage
A fine Italian leather handbag or a new briefcase for the office. We know where to find the best quality leather goods at the best prices. Of if you need new luggage for your purchases, why not buy it in Rome!

Italian shoes! We'll take you shopping for leather shoes at some of the finest shoe shops in Rome, for both men and women. Whether you're looking for the latest fashions or classic styles, you will be amazed at the choice and quality of leather shoes in Rome.

We'll visit a shop where you can have a pair of shoes made to measure just for you, just as many Hollywood stars have done, from Elizabeth Taylor to Ava Gardner and many other.

A wallet made of fine Italian leather, a new belt, gloves so soft you won't want to take them off or a new leather bound journal or agenda; we'll take you shopping for leather accessories in Rome. They also make perfect gifts to take back home.


We'll show you where you can find everything you could ever want for any type of sport, whether you practice at an amateur or professional level.

And we know where we can get you a 20% discounts on all sporting goods and accessories.

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