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Our Olive Oil/Wine Tasting Tours In Sabina

Tour 3: The Olive Oil Full Immersion Tour

The entire tour is dedicated exclusively to olive oil! A day trip from Rome with olive oil tasting.

Visit to the world’s largest olive tree
It is found in Canneto: seven metres across, a thick foliage and a production of 1,200 kilos of olives per year.

Visit to Calstenuovo di Farfa
The citizens have dedicated an entire museum to olive oil. The museum is based in the Perelli Palace (16th century).

This tour will take you on a visit to the room of memory, the oil-mill and the collection of olive presses (16th-20th century). Once outside the building, the visit goes on to the historic centre and to the countryside, up to the church of San Donato (9th century), surrounded by the garden of olives trees from the world, where several varieties of trees from the mediteranean are planted, including one from the garden of Gethsemane.

Visit at Farfa Abbey
(see description of Tour 1)

Lunch Break
Lunch on the spectacular terrace of the monastery’s medieval tower or lunch at "Le Comari di Farfa", an azienda agricola run by Mamma Anna Maria nd her daughters, where we can try the famous olive oil "La Mola", exported to countries throught the world and winner of a number of international awards, as well as patè di olive and delicious dishes prepared by Francesca, made according to traditional recipes and which you yourself can learn to make with her expert guidance.

Montopoli in Sabina
The historical centre is built around the remains of the ancient “Montis Opulis” and tower. The precence of a former Roman site is testified by an altar to Jupiter. Both churches of Santa Maria degli Angeli and Santa Maria delle Grazie are interesting, plus the “Priolo” museum.

Festivals in June:
Flower festival for Corpus Domini and medieval celebration in Bocchignano

Poggio Nativo:
After being one of the properties of the pope, the town was give to the Savelli family during 15th century and then to the Borghese family (church of St. Paul with cosmatesque portal and 16th-17th century paintings and church of the Santissima Annunziata with a 1600s canvas.

In summertime we might invert the tours, visiting the Farfa Abbey (olive oil tasting included) in the late afternoon and have dinner on the spectacular terrace of the monastery’s medieval tower.

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