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Olive Oil Tours:
Our Olive Oil/Wine Tasting Country Tour In Sabina

At less than one hour drive north-east of Rome we will be in Sabina territory, untouched by mass tourism and a perfect day trip. The marvellous hilly landscape is covered with olive trees, forests of oaks, medieval villages, monasteries and castles.

In our country tours of Sabina, we can certanly couple the cultural aspects with food and wine, especially if we dedicate some time to tasting the famous “Sabina Olive Oil”. The history of the cultivated olive tree in the sabina area begins during the 2nd century b.c. and owing to the temperate climate and the southern exposure of the territory, the quality of the oil has always been maintained to the highest standard. In fact the extra virgin olive oil produced in Sabina was among the first in Italy to obtain the protected domination of origin.

We can adapt our country tours out of Rome to your interests and wishes. The following are three examples of tours in Sabina.

(Wine tasting is possible only for a minimum group of 8 people)

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