About the owner of the apartments Natalia and Walter

lia walter2Natalia worked as a flight attendant (cabin crew) for Alitalia Airlines from 1970 to 1995. Prior to her work at Alitalia, she lived for more than a year in London, studying and working in a tourist agency. She speaks excellent English, understands and speaks Spanish and can "get by" in French.

The twenty-five years she spent traveling from one country to another gave her an opportunity to learn about the ways and customs of many countries and enhanced her natural predisposition for interpersonal relationships; she always succeeds in establishing an immediate, friendly relationship with her guests.

Since 1995, she has attended the "Academy of Decorative Arts", discovering a hidden talent for painting and decorating that she never imagined before. She now puts this talent to use personally decorating her apartments. In fact, the tiles in the kitchens and the tabletops in the dining areas of her apartments are all hand painted as well as the tromp l'oeil paintings, which gives each apartment a unique touch.

In the last 4 years she has attended courses of the History of Roman Art, which allowed her to get to know the city on a new level. She provides her guests with useful information on Rome and its monuments and archaeological sites.

walter woytilaWalter piloting Pope Giovanni Paolo II to Mozambico in year 1988Walter worked as flight engineer for Alitalia Airlines from 1965 to 1997 and is now giving great support to Natalia. He also loves art and history and he continues to attend courses on
the History of Roman Art.

Upon your arrival Natalia and Walter will make available, in addition to their knowledge and experience, a large number of tourist guides, brochures and maps of Rome so that you will immediately have Rome, as they say, "in your hands."

In addition, they will provide you with a cellular phone that will allow them to always be in
contact with you during your stay and to inform you about any special events in Rome at the right moment. Personal phone calls are not included.


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Natalia and Walter will do everything possible to make your trip to Rome unique !!!









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