Where to find the best breads and baked goods in Rome

At bread boutique " PANELL A" - Via Merulana 54 - bakery is Art. Try the delicious pizza Bianca filled with mortadella.

Historic bakery " ROSCIOLI " - Via dei Chiavari 14 - nestles in a cobbled alley behind Campo dei Fiori and his always crammed full of hungry locals around lunch time.

"FORNO " di Campo dei Fiori - Campo dei Fiori 22 - is one of the city's leading bakeries, doing a great trade in pizza bianca drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt.

Forno " RENELLA " - Via del Moro 15- is a Trastevere institution. Try the deliciously crispy "filone" loaf. The pizza's also recommended, with toppings such as potato and rosemary.


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