Where to find the best coffee and tea in Rome, served up with a good dose of ambiance

CAFFE' NOVECENTO : Via del Governo Vecchio 12
The perfect parlor setting for a lady's afternoon tea, Caffe Novecento offers ultra cozy elegance. A series of tiny rooms are decorated in 19 th Century classic décor and miniature café tables and modern art. Enjoy teas, coffee or wines by the glass, along with a delightful mix of tea biscuits or even something more substantial. Couscous salad and crostini toasts are delicate and delicious. While you will be wary not to slurp your tea in this precious little place, the funky and friendly staff will put you right at ease.

ANTICO CAFFE DELLA PACE : Via della Pace 3/7
A historical artists' haunt, this cafe has also been the inspiration of artists like Piranesi. Danish sculptor Thorvaldsen Roman Painters Scipioni and Guidi, Andy Warhol, whose recent exhibit at the nearby Chiostro del Bramante art space featured scenes of the Caffe della Pace environs.

Dark wood interiors, gilded mirrors and red plush couches recall the class of time past, while a tasteful outdoor spread of wrought iron cafè tables awake sunny days. Indulge in the extensive coffee, tea and hot chocolate selection, or choose something from the light menu selection. During the early evening, sip aperitif cocktails or wines by the glass accompanied by plentiful snacks.

NAMASTEY : Piazza del Paradiso 69
A coffee, tea and chocolate lover's heaven, Namastey features a well-stocked selection of tea leaves, chocolate and specialty coffees, as well as the service essentials. The shop boasts direct importation of delicate Japanese porcelain, as well as colourful cups and saucers from the world over. Take a seat upstairs for a steaming cup of something, and indulge in apple cinnamon cake, chocolate cake and classic crostate.

SCIAM: Via del Pellegrino 56
Exposed brick, tapestries in deep hues, tiled fountains, long, low sofas and cushions galore make up the warm and exotic dècor of the Syrian-owned teahouse. Strong coffees, teas and herbal infusions are available, along with Middle Eastern treats to snack on and a narghile (hookah) for ambiance.

CAFFE GRECO : Via dei Condotti 86
While visual artists flock to Antico Caffe della Pace, the writerly types have called Antico Caffe Greco home for nearly two centuries. Byron, Shelley, Keats, Mark Twain and Goethe all graced the elegant old style interior, along with Buffalo Bill and Casanova. A cup is costly here, seeing as the café rubs shoulders with Prada, Gucci and numerous ultra posh ateliers, but authenticity seekers will gladly justify. Join the legacy of literati; the next chapter of your novel has been waiting for a place like it.

RUSSIAN TEA ROOM Via dei Falegnami 7/9
With its elegant setting and dessert selection to tempt the strictest of die-heard dieters, this spot tops any tea-lover's itinerary. Leaves from the finest of tea gardens are stored in silver canisters, and cookies, cakes and authentic Russian blinis crowd the countertops. Our recommendation: spicy, citrus infused Prince Vladimir tea and a heaping plate of honey blinis

CAFFE BOHEMIEN : Via degli Zingari 36
This cafè-bookstore features an eclectic mix of cooking and art books with several titles in English as well. The top floor houses the cafè and a small exhibition space. Order your coffee or tea or better yet, have a go at the endless hot chocolate menu and the sweets selection, and head downstairs where smooth modern design gets cozy too.

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