Rooftop terraces where you can enjoy a drink and a view of the Rome skyline

Grand Hotel de la Minerve : Piazza della Minerva 69
Come for the astonishing close-up of the Pantheon at dome-level, and for the breathtaking panoramic view of Roman rooftops.

Hotel Atlante Star : Via Vitellesci, 34
Though the view from the roof garden of the hotel's Les Etoiles restaurant is a 360° stunner, position yourself for a dead-ahead view of St. Peter's dome. At night, the view is of a city sheathed in glorious twinkliness, with the famous cupola winking in the midst of it all.

Hotel Raphael : Largo Febo 2
Enjoy sight-spotting from the terrace of this beautiful, iny-clad hotel. The viw dips down into the historic cloister of Santa Maria della Pace, and spreads as far as the eye can see across ginger-bread rooftops.

Ciampini : Viale Trinita' dei Monti
Perched above Piazza di Spagna, the restaurant Ciampini affords a second-to-none view of the sweeping Spanish Steps: ideal for those seeking time out from the bustle of Piazza di Spagna.

Hotel Gladiatori : Via labicana 125
If you've given yourself a neck-ache by craning a gaze at the Colosseum, head for the terrace of the Gladiatori, where you can view the granddaddy of Roman monuments in all its majesty, and far more civilized surroundings.

Terrazza dell'Hotel Eden : Via Ludovisi 49
The view is world-class, as you would expect from one of Rome's classiest hotels, and the cocktails don't disappoint either.


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