Where to find international cuisine in Rome

Irish :

Abbey Theatre : Via del Governo vecchio 51
Specialties are the beef in Guinness (beef, carrots and bacon simmered in a Guinness-based souce) the salmon bake and the Irish stew (lam, potatoes and onion) Coeboy menu ( 9.5 ounce top-quality Danish steak, slald, fries and a bottle of beer) or the best burger in town.

Japanese :

Kisso : Via Firenze 30
Opt for the fixed specialties on the menu, such us "sashimi, yakitori, tempura, sushi" and the California rolls, or try one of the daily creations and tantalizing varations from the chef. More that 100 Jaoanese specialties for lunch. The fish is served ultra fresh and includes salmon, tuna, sea bass, gilthead bream, eel, octopus and shrimp.

Indian :

Maharajah : Via dei Serpenti 124
This warm and inviting Indian restaurant welcomes patrons in the historic center of Rome near the Colosseum, in the famous "Rione Monti".
Northern Indian specialties include "Chicken Maharajah Tandoori, Chicken Tikka masala, VindalooLamb, Makhani Paneer. Different types of Naan bread and rice accompany all meals.


Baires : Via Cavour 315
This big restaurant has five rooms and 240 seats and offers authentic dishes beginning with appetizers such as empanadas and vegetable roulades, as well as locoro, asado, grilled sirlois, fillets and entrcotes. Select an Argentine wine to accompany your meal, such as a Vasco Viejo red or Don David Torrontes.


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