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Your Personal Shopping Consultant in Rome

...the art of shopping in Rome...the pleasure of discovering hidden treasures of the countryside

Shopping in Rome

Rome: the eternal city, a city full of art and history, a city known for fashion and top designers, but there's another Rome tourists rarely see.

Your personal shopper will take you on a shopping tour of "unknown Rome", that you, as a tourist unfamiliar with the city, would not easily find on your own.

Together with your personal shopping consultant, you'll discover:

  • hidden shops with unique items;
  • small boutiques known only to locals;
  • that special shop off the beaten path, perhaps tucked away in a historic building, where an artisan still uses the techniques passed down from generation to generation;
  • the ateliér or showroom of an enterprising aristocratic woman;
  • the color, fascination and convenience of markets;
  • the outlet malls and factory shops just outside of Rome where you'll find some of Italy's most famous designers such as Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Bulgari, Fendi, Valentino and Prada.

Food & Wine Tours

And since one cannot live by shopping alone, your itinerary may also include a food and wine tour in Rome or a day trip outside of Rome with a tour in the countryside, where you can discover the ancient path of olive oil in Sabina known already to the Noble Etruscan, the Roman hillside – the well known Castelli Romani - where you can taste the delicious wines grown in this region.

Personalized Tours

Whether your interests are shopping in Rome, wine tasting in the countryside or Italian cooking lessons, we can create a custom tour based on your needs and desires. Contact us for more information.

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